Girls and Dating Leagues: Episode 362

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Girls and Dating Leagues: Episode 362

Jan 08, 2015
Guests: Martha Krienke, Briana Stensrud, Jenny Wollen, Daniel Weiss and Harry Pearson

[52:37] - 

Women and dating “leagues,” plus Daniel Weiss offers hope in the battle against pornography, and will guarding your heart protect you from getting hurt?

Featured musical artist: Nathan Tasker

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Dating Up or Down (Women)

Guests: Martha Krienke, Briana Stensrud and Jenny Wollen

[20:54] - 

Ever dated someone out of your league? Ever wondered what league you're in? Or maybe you wish dating leagues didn't exist at all. This week the women take to the mics to unpack the inevitable puzzles and frustrations around a woman's experience in the world of dating leagues.

This Is Your Heart on Porn

Guests: Daniel Weiss

[22:29] - 

We know the damaging effects of pornography on men and women, marriages, families and society. But what about porn and the heart? What about our relationship with God? And when you've traveled far down the porn road, is there a way back? Sexuality expert Daniel Weiss shares with us the hope found in The Heart of the Matter, a new film about the faces of porn addiction, but more importantly, the God who redeems those willing to step into the light.

Heart Attack

Guests: Harry Pearson

[6:37] - 

He has feelings for a girl that don't seem to be reciprocated, so does guarding his heart mean stepping back? Is there a way to shield himself from the pain of relationship, or is pain inevitable for those who look for love? Counselor Harry Pearson answers.