Justin Bieber's Pastor: Episode 377

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Justin Bieber's Pastor: Episode 377

Apr 23, 2015
Guests: Eva Daniel, Mike Halsmith, Adam Holz, Judah Smith and Joann Condie

[50:09] - 

How music moves us, plus Judah Smith on life and friendship with celebrities, and is it possible to talk about your relationship too much?

Featured musical artist: Fireflight

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They're Playing Our Song

Guests: Eva Daniel, Mike Halsmith and Adam Holz

[19:58] - 

Music has power. It makes us laugh, cry and remember. Some say it also helps fuel our attraction. What songs bring you immediately back to a particular era in your life? Which ones got you through a dating relationship? A low time? Our panelists put their music love on the line in this fun discussion.

Judah Smith Loves Life

Guests: Judah Smith

[22:38] - 

He's a popular pastor with Hollywood connections, but his main ministry is pointing people to Jesus Christ. In his latest book, Life Is _____., Judah Smith uses anecdotes and illustrations to introduce readers to the overwhelming love of God and its effect on our lives.

Analyzed to Death

Guests: Joann Condie

[4:57] - 

They have a bunch of questions ready to ask each other as they date — for the next five years. Is it possible to talk your relationship to death? Counselor Joann Condie weighs in.