Life After Death: Episode 370

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Life After Death: Episode 370

Mar 05, 2015
Guests: Kara Tippetts, Julianna Buller, Jake Roberson, George Stahnke and Geremy Keeton

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Grieving the death of those we love, plus Kara Tippetts faces her final days with grace, and a listener asks when to involve his parents in his intent to date.

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When Death Gets Personal

Guests: Julianna Buller, Jake Roberson and George Stahnke

[20:24] - 

We know death comes to everyone, but when it finally claims someone we love, it becomes all too real. How can we grieve well, and how should we comfort those who grieve? What if the deceased wasn't a Christian? What do we say? Our panel weighs in.

Almost Home

Guests: Kara Tippetts

[20:51] - 

Kara Tippetts has been delivered a terminal cancer diagnosis and is now in hospice care. But as she faces the nearness of death, she sees Jesus' face all the more. The grace He delivers daily continues to surprise her, and she shares it through both her book, The Hardest Peace, and her blog, Mundane Faithfulness. For this interview, I sit with Kara in her bedroom as we reflect on life, death and loving big in the light of eternity.

Parents in the Dating Process

Guests: Geremy Keeton

[4:51] - 

He wants to pursue a girl he knows, and wonders if and when he should let his parents know of his intentions. Now? Later? And at what level of involvement in the process? Counselor Geremy Keeton offers advice.