Men, Stop Being Nice: Episode 372

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Men, Stop Being Nice: Episode 372

Mar 19, 2015
Guests: Andrew Hess, Allison Meggers, Dakota Sandras, Paul Coughlin and Danny Huerta

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Transitioning through different groups at church, plus Paul Coughlin rebukes “nice” guys, and a listener fears his height may be keeping him single.

Featured musical artist: Mat Kearney

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Where Do I Fit?

Guests: Andrew Hess, Allison Meggers and Dakota Sandras

[19:53] - 

It's often a rude awakening when you realize your peer group at church is no longer made up of peers, and it's time to move on. How do you know when it's time to leave the college group, or the career group, or 20-somethings group, or the singles group, period? Feeling like you don't fit in is no fun, so our panel walks through the ins and outs of when to stay, when to go, and the right questions to ask in getting there.

How Men Should Act

Guests: Paul Coughlin

[19:26] - 

It's not really a question of whether nice guys finish last; it's whether guys should be nice in the first place. According to Paul Coughlin, author of No More Christian Nice Guy, men who try to be nice to the exclusion of being courageous and wise and winsome will eventually lose out in multiple areas of life, including relationships. Do you agree? Listen in as Paul makes his case, then let us know your thoughts.

Height Hang-up

Guests: Danny Huerta

[5:20] - 

He's shorter than most of his peers and wonders if his height is preventing him from having an advantage with the ladies. Since he can't change his height, can he change his attitude and game plan? Counselor Danny Huerta offers advice.