Ready to Wed: Episode 379

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Ready to Wed: Episode 379

May 07, 2015
Guests: Sarah Mason, Rajeev Shaw, Jenny Wollen, Erin Smalley, Greg Smalley and Candice Watters

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Choosing a church as a couple, plus Greg and Erin Smalley dissect the “big rocks” of premarital prep, and what are some good Christian books to read?

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Church Choice

Guests: Sarah Mason, Rajeev Shaw and Jenny Wollen

[19:41] - 

You have your church. And you're comfortable there. But if you're dating or engaged, your significant other may have a different home church. And different worship preferences. And service commitments. How do you go about merging church likes and loves to find a mutual church home after marriage? It ain't easy, but our panel has walked or is walking through the process.

So You're Engaged?

Guests: Erin Smalley and Greg Smalley

[21:11] - 

We've all heard about the value of premarital counseling. But is there a go-to resource that addresses all the big topics that must be discussed heading into marriage? There is now. Introducing Ready to Wed by Focus on the Family's Greg and Erin Smalley. In this fast-paced interview, the Smalleys give a sneak peek at some of the wisdom this new resource has to offer. Download a free chapter of the book!

Best Books

Guests: Candice Watters

[5:55] - 

He's read some great Christian books, but is wondering which ones he may have missed. Luckily Candice Watters is here to showcase some of her favorites spanning several different topics.