See and Be Seen: Episode 368

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See and Be Seen: Episode 368

Feb 19, 2015
Guests: Eric Demeter, Marti Krause, Karissa Woods, Margaret Feinberg and Candice Watters

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Letting a guy know you’re interested, plus Margaret Feinberg fights with joy, and a listener needs help setting emotional boundaries.

Featured musical artist: The Gray Havens


Ladies, Drop a Hint

Guests: Eric Demeter, Marti Krause and Karissa Woods

[20:11] - 

We talk a lot about how in dating, men should pursue and women should respond. But does this mean women must be silent and aloof? Not necessarily. There are many ways a woman can indicate interest in a man without taking the reins entirely. Our panel weighs in with some ideas.

Joy Is a Weapon

Guests: Margaret Feinberg

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Margaret Feinberg thought she knew about joy. Until she received a breast cancer diagnosis and her life was turned upside down. Instead of looking at joy as an odd form of happiness, Margaret chose to employ joy as a weapon — something she could actively engage in her fight for life, purpose, understanding — even fun. Margaret shares some stories and principles from her book Fight Back with Joy in this candid interview.

Head Over Heels

Guests: Candice Watters

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It happens every time. She gets excited about a potential relationship, and throws herself into it big-time. Before she knows it, she's emotionally invested and in over her head. And then the relationship doesn't pan out, and she's left holding the bag. Is there a different way to go about this? Candice Watters offers advice.