The Dating Manifesto: Episode 392

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The Dating Manifesto: Episode 392

Aug 06, 2015
Guests: Jen Brown, Rajeev Shaw, Brandon Wilson, Joshua Rogers and Glenn Lutjens

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Charting a new course for your relationship future, plus Lisa Anderson’s manifesto on dating and singleness, and how do you stay sexually pure until marriage?

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Take the Drama Out of Dating

Guests: Jen Brown, Rajeev Shaw and Brandon Wilson

[21:17] - 

We all know that doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results is the proverbial definition of insanity. But does it apply to dating? Did you reach a point in your dating experience where you decided something had to change? What did you do about it? What does it look like for a savvy dater to, as Lisa Anderson often says, "wise up, own your issues, and chart a new path for your relationship future?" This week's panel opens the discussion.

Lisa Anderson's Dating 180

Guests: Joshua Rogers

[21:37] - 

Lisa Anderson has navigated dating and singleness — and lived to tell about it. She does just that in her brand-new book, The Dating Manifesto. Described by her as her "line in the sand" and "everything I wish I'd been told about dating and singleness in my 20s, but wasn't," the book is part kick in the pants, part arm around your shoulder. Boundless contributor Joshua Rogers interviews Lisa in this candid dissection of how to trust God, date well and thrive as a single young adult today.

Saving Sex

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

[3:56] - 

The Bible has a lot to say about sexual purity, but is such a standard even possible in this day and age? What if you've been sexually active in the past, or are having sex in a current relationship? What does it look like to stay strong and/or start over? Counselor Glenn Lutjens offers advice.