What Women Want: Episode 386

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What Women Want: Episode 386

Jun 25, 2015
Guests: Kathryn Sill, Jessica Smith, Jenna Opperman, Francis Chan, Lisa Chan and Glenn Lutjens

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What today’s Christian girls are looking for in a man, plus Francis and Lisa Chan take a long view of marriage, and is long-distance marriage doable? 

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What Are Girls Looking For?

Guests: Jenna Opperman, Jessica Smith and Kathryn Sill

[21:17] - 

Last week we heard from the guys; now it's the girls' turn to discuss honestly what they look for in the men they date. Is physical attraction important? Money? Character? Have their "lists" changed with time and maturity? Guys, you're hearing it here first, so grab a pen and take notes during this reflective but spirited discussion. 

Marriage Ain’t the Main Thing

Guests: Francis Chan and Lisa Chan

[26:38] - 

We know marriage is a good thing, but is it the most important thing? Francis and Lisa Chan, authors of You and Me Forever, say it's not, and make the case for first looking at marriage through the lens of eternity, then ordering our lives and loves accordingly. At the end of the segment, Lisa Anderson asks each of them to make a bold statement and an encouraging statement to young adults. Get ready to be blazed away. 

Miles-Apart Marriage

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

[3:55] - 

He wants to marry his girlfriend, but they're both in college. His future may include internships, while she'd like to study abroad. Should they get married knowing that a portion of their first year of marriage may be spent apart? Counselor Glenn Lutjens offers advice.