Wishful Thinking: Episode 397

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Wishful Thinking: Episode 397

Sep 10, 2015
Guests: Nina Coppola, Eva Daniel, Thomas Voss, Edward Welch and Candice Watters

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Reflecting on our assumptions about being 30, plus Dr. Ed Welch on walking through trials together, and how do you give dating advice when you’re not dating?

Featured musical artist: Christy Nockels

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By the Time I'm 30...

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Nina Coppola, Eva Daniel and Thomas Voss

[21:58] - 

"I thought I'd be married by now." "I figured I'd be in a better-paying job." "I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life." Certain life milestones seem to prompt reflection, and turning the big 3-0 is one of them. Did you have expectations for your 30s that haven't been realized? Or, if you're not there yet, do you see 30 looming in the distance and wonder what you'll be doing when you get there? Listen in as our panel talks about hopes, expectations and even disappointments in light of time marching on.

Help for the Hurting

Guests: Edward Welch

[18:36] - 

We're not meant to walk alone. Yet that's exactly what many of us do when we face discouragement and hardship. Dr. Ed Welch says this needs to change. In his book Side by Side, Ed makes the case for community, friendship and compassion, and shows how setting aside our pride and instead choosing to reach out past our hurt could be one of the healthiest things we ever do.

These Teens Date More Than I Do

Guests: Candice Watters

[5:26] - 

She's mentoring teen girls, and they're asking questions about dating. The only problem is, she doesn't have dating experience. How can she share advice about something she doesn't know? Candice Watters offers advice.