Best of 2016: Episode 465

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Best of 2016: Episode 465

Dec 29, 2016

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A roundup of "The Boundless Show’s" best discussions, interviews and advice from 2016.

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Best Roundtables of 2016

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable

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This “best of” from roundtables of 2016 includes hope after the election, a physician panel on pornography, dealing with your parents’ divorce, and a conversation with Boundless fans Zac and Sally Crippen.

Best Cultures of 2016


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The best interviews of 2016 included discussions on the availability of single men in the United States, a winsome way to do evangelism, how to clear clutter from your life, and doing local church outreach in a cutting-edge way.

Best Inboxes of 2016

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2016’s best questions prompted advice on dealing with negative emotions, telling on a married man, and letting a girl down easy.