Breaking Up Like a Boss: Episode 422

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Breaking Up Like a Boss: Episode 422

Mar 03, 2016
Guests: Rachel Cross, Deanna McClannahan, John Tracy, Jessie Minassian and Glenn Lutjens

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Breaking up biblically, plus Jessie Minassian on shedding secret sin, and a guy feels caught in the middle of his mom and foreign girlfriend.

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Breaking Up Biblically

Guests: Rachel Cross, Deanna McClannahan and John Tracy

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Breaking up may be hard to do, but doing it in a biblical, Christ-honoring manner is even harder. What if we can't shake it off or we keep hangin' on or we're in a love lockdown? Will we survive (hey-hey)? Listening to our experienced group this week, you'll hear their stories of woe along with ways they listened to God, and will come away with ideas to cope that ultimately honor the Lord.

Secret Struggles

Guests: Jessie Minassian

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When dating, you want to put your best foot forward. Maybe you've gone on three or four dates with the same person, and things are looking good for the future. When exactly do you begin sharing some of the secret sins you may be hiding? When is it just TMI, and when is it time to stop suffering silently and be more vulnerable with your dating partner? Speaker and author of Unashamed, Jessie Minassian, knows what it feels like to hide your less-than-adorable parts while dating.

Caught in the Middle

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

[3:31] - 

As cities, large and small, are fast becoming international melting pots, potential dating mates may come from many a country and background. What if your mom is not too keen on that? A guy finds himself caught in the middle of his mom and foreign girlfriend. Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in with solid advice.