Clear Your Calendar: Episode 446

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Clear Your Calendar: Episode 446

Aug 18, 2016
Guests: Marian Amini, Sarah McBeath, Caleb Zehr, Cynthia Tobias, Greg Smalley and White Ribbon Day

[49:54] - 

The benefits of simplifying your schedule, plus Cynthia Tobias defends strong-willed women, and should our listener end a long-distance relationship?

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Do Less to Do More

Guests: Marian Amini, Sarah McBeath and Caleb Zehr

[19:48] - 

Most of us have packed schedules. Some of us even wear our crowded calendars like a badge of honor — but is filling every moment of your day and week wise? New studies show that doing less actually primes you to do more, and to do it better. Is there a way to trade activity for effectiveness? Our panel explores the options.

Strong Women

Guests: Cynthia Tobias

[21:47] - 

We all know her. We may even be her. That “strong” woman — the one who’s considered intimidating, in-control, successful — perhaps even overpowering. But being strong (even strong-willed) doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Author and speaker Cynthia Tobias shares principles from “A Woman of Strength and Purpose” to help men and women appreciate and apply the qualities of female strength.

Long-Distance Logic

Guests: Greg Smalley

[5:41] - 

They’re in a long-distance relationship, but she’s having second thoughts. Given the amount of time and effort involved in making this romance work, is it time to reevaluate? What should she  consider moving forward? And how will she know if it’s time to call it quits? Dr. Greg Smalley weighs in.

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