Fast and Furious: Episode 460

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Fast and Furious: Episode 460

Nov 24, 2016
Guests: Diane Ingolia, Helen Parks, Josh Rumple, Scott Sauls and Danny Huerta

[52:26] - 

Signs your relationship is moving too fast, plus Scott Sauls on the joys of unlikely friendships, and a listener is in love with a non-Christian.

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Dating at the Speed of Light

Guests: Diane Ingolia, Helen Parks and Josh Rumple

[21:20] - 

It's incomprehensible, but true. Normally sane, logical and even somewhat cautious people, when in a relationship, tend to lose their minds. A relationship starts off well, and before you know it, you're in deep. And that's rarely a good thing. This week's panel unpacks some signs that your relationship is moving too fast, and what to do about it to regain perspective and get back on track.

Be Friendly

Guests: Scott Sauls

[21:18] - 

Friendship isn't easy. But it's rewarding. And Pastor Scott Sauls has found friendship in some pretty unlikely places—like with the former addict who's now a leader at his church. In his new book Befriend, he also encourages friendships with bullies, strangers, the dying and (gulp) even your own family, arguing that we and the kingdom of God will be richer for it. Jump into this conversation that will challenge the way you make and keep friends.

In Love with a Non-Christian

Guests: Danny Huerta

[6:24] - 

She ended an unhealthy relationship with an unbeliever out of conviction. But she can’t get over him. In fact, she’s holding out hope that they’ll have a future together. Is it OK to dream, or is it time to move on? Counselor Danny Huerta weighs in.

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