Honestly Speaking: Episode 432

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Honestly Speaking: Episode 432

May 12, 2016
Guests: Sally Crippen, Zac Crippen, Rico Tice and Greg Smalley

[60:00] - 

When marriage and family interrupt your future, plus Rico Tice on openly sharing your faith, and a twist on being unequally yoked.

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Featured Musical Artist: J.J. Weeks


A Boundless Love Story

Guests: Sally Crippen and Zac Crippen

[26:53] - 

Have you ever wondered if being a Boundless fan can really change your life? Long-time Boundless devotee Sally Crippen and her husband Zac share their story of how Boundless helped guide them through courtship and into marriage. Sally thought she had her whole future figured out until Zac came along.

Honest Evangelism

Guests: Rico Tice

[25:15] - 

Small books can pack a big punch. That's the case with Rico Tice's book, Honest Evangelism. Rico, a mentee of the late theologian John Stott and a pastor at London's All Soul's Church, shares ways you can weave your faith story into everyday life, cultivating a passion for the Good News.

On Different Pages

Guests: Greg Smalley

[5:29] - 

In an unusual twist, a young woman wants advice on dating a Christian when she herself is not one. Dr. Greg Smalley offers his always-insightful thoughts.