Living Large: Episode 436

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Living Large: Episode 436

Jun 09, 2016
Guests: Nate Florea, Sarah Reeder, Briana Stensrud, Grace Thornton and George Stahnke

[49:24] - 

Evaluating wedding traditions, plus purposeful singleness with author Grace Thornton, and a young man has questions about biblical divorce.

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Featured Musical Artist: The Gray Havens


Wedding Traditions

Guests: Nate Florea, Sarah Reeder and Briana Stensrud

[23:38] - 

Why do you toss the bouquet at a wedding? Should you smash cake into your true love's face? And what about that awkward garter moment? Our panel of newly(ish)weds shares opinions on which wedding traditions to keep, and which to ditch.

Waiting Room

Being Single|Culture
Guests: Grace Thornton

[17:52] - 

Going for the gusto is the theme of author Grace Thornton's life, whether or not it ever includes the fulfillment of her heart's desire for marriage. Sharing from her book, I Don't Wait Anymore, Grace offers encouragement for the journey ahead.


Guests: George Stahnke

[5:10] - 

What to do when you want to date a godly single mom, but are concerned about the nature of her divorce. Counselor George Stahnke offers advice.