Married Guilt: Episode 457

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Married Guilt: Episode 457

Nov 03, 2016
Guests: Diana Blaschke, Jen Hess, JB Lewis, Bianca Olthoff and Lisa Anderson

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When getting married makes you feel like a traitor, plus Bianca Olthoff listens to the Holy Spirit, and what if your date has an overwhelming personality?

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Forgive Me for Getting Married

Guests: Diana Blaschke, Jen Hess and JB Lewis

[21:16] - 

We’ve all been there — on one end or the other of a relationship status change. If your marriage (or serious relationship) left your single friends in the proverbial dust, you may feel a twinge of guilt about your new circumstances. If you’re the singleton, you may be tired of being left behind to carry on alone. How can we improve the awkward dynamics of relationship transition? What can we do and say to be sensitive to both sides? This week’s panel weighs in.

It’s Just a Spirit Thing

Guests: Bianca Olthoff

[22:26] - 

Bianca Olthoff grew up poor. And illiterate. And pudgy. And a whole bunch of other things that made her feel “less than” her peers. She tried to fit in, but it wasn’t until Jesus entered her life that real change started to happen. Now a popular author, speaker and changemaker, Bianca’s infectious enthusiasm is allowing her to see God work in big ways. In this funny and forthright interview, Bianca talks about the oft-forgotten Holy Spirit and how tapping into His power has opened doors she never thought possible.

He’s Too Much

Guests: Lisa Anderson

[5:22] - 

She says the guy she’s dating has an overwhelming personality. It’s making relating to him difficult — and exhausting. Should she continue trying, or is it time to call it quits? He’s a good, godly guy — but is that enough? Lisa Anderson offers advice.  

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