Money Matters: Episode 424

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Money Matters: Episode 424

Mar 17, 2016
Guests: Laura Gearhart, Andrew Hess, Katrina Nicholson, Russ Carroll and Lisa Anderson

[49:30] - 

Financial prep for marriage, plus budget expert Russ Carroll gives his best money tips, and a listener questions participating in a cohabiting friend's wedding.

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Financial Transitions

Guests: Laura Gearhart, Andrew Hess and Katrina Nicholson

[19:44] - 

Think about the purchases you make. Every day is different, isn't it? You may buy groceries one day, gas the next, nothing but Starbucks the next ... you get the picture. What happens when you see marriage in your future, even if you're not in a relationship right now? How can you expect those purchases to change? How should you prepare today? Our diverse panel offers up its thoughts on the subject.

Make Your Money Count

Guests: Russ Carroll

[21:46] - 

Money matters a great deal to everyone. Unless you work for free, you have to think about money. You're in for a treat with a practical conversation with one of Dave Ramsey's original lead financial counselors. Russ Carroll covers the monetary gamut from student debt to investing, to the real price of daily lattes, to budgeting (for daily lattes).

Should I Be Her Bridesmaid?

Guests: Lisa Anderson

[5:07] - 

You've said yes to the bridesmaid's dress and standing up for your friend in her wedding. There's only one thing that's got you feeling awkward - your friend is living with her fiance. What, if anything, should you do? Is it too late to talk to her about the situation? Is it your place? Will it even change anything? Lisa Anderson's got some opinions to help this bridesmaid do the right thing.