Night and Day: Episode 431

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Night and Day: Episode 431

May 05, 2016
Guests: Karl Benzio, M.D., David Hager, M.D., Ricardo Whyte, M.D. and Yolie Brown

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Overcoming porn's power, plus controlling raging emotions with Dr. Karl Benzio, and next steps for a codependent listener.

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Kicking the Porn Habit

Guests: Karl Benzio, M.D., David Hager, M.D. and Ricardo Whyte, M.D.

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Porn consumption is pretty much viewed as normal in our culture now, especially for singles. But if we're honest, porn is increasingly an issue in the faith community, affecting both men and women. Is it actually possible to escape the stronghold of pornography? If so, how? Our panel of doctors brings years of expertise to the discussion of temptation, addiction and recovery.

Seeing Red

Guests: Karl Benzio, M.D.

[21:17] - 

You know how you can be raging mad one second, then answer a phone call and be completely calm? According to Dr. Karl Benzio, this shows that when necessary, we can control strong emotions like anger. Dr. Benzio walks through steps for acute conflict resolution that will help the next time anger threatens to take you into the red zone.

The Good Old, Bad Old Days

Guests: Yolie Brown

[6:01] - 

A struggle with codependence is not easily identified, especially if it stems from childhood. Our listener’s relationship  with her mentally ill mother has bred a steadily growing codependence, and she wants to know what steps to take.  One of our caring counselors helps pave the way.