Onward and Upward: Episode 415

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Onward and Upward: Episode 415

Jan 14, 2016
Guests: Erin Eberspacher, Sarah Beth Gilson, Karen Reedall, Al Robertson and Lisa Robertson

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Women planning for the future, plus Duck Dynasty's Al and Lisa Robertson's story of redemption, and help for a guy whose girlfriend makes more than him.

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Females and the Future

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Erin Eberspacher, Sarah Beth Gilson and Karen Reedall

[20:08] - 

As women, it's tempting to plan our futures with the assumption that everything will play out exactly as we plan. But that's rarely the case. Life transitions like marriage, babies, illness — even long-term singleness — can disrupt our well-laid plans. Is it possible to plan for the future without knowing the future? In this classic roundtable from episode 373, our panel of women in transition offers some insight.

A Dynasty of Dysfunction

Guests: Al Robertson and Lisa Robertson

[30:56] - 

To the TV-watching public, Al and Lisa Robertson are known as Duck Dynasty's beardless brother and his beautiful wife, but to the Father who knows and loves them best, they are a couple who was once terribly broken, went through the wringer of God's healing process, and lived to tell the story chronicled in their book, A New Season. You'll find Al and Lisa disarmingly honest and down-to-earth as they share their story in hopes of helping others avoid needless pain.

Girlfriend with High-Paying Job

Guests: Candice Watters

[4:11] - 

His girlfriend makes more than he does. Big deal, right? One listener isn't sure of the size of the "deal," but he's uncomfortable. Candice Watters helps him untangle his feelings and gain clarity so it doesn't become a stumbling block to the future of his relationship.