Religious Freedom: Episode 450

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Religious Freedom: Episode 450

Sep 15, 2016
Guests: John Holst, Caitlin Richard, Ella Zehr, Jon Weece, Greg Smalley and brilliance-the

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Walking out an “extreme” faith, plus Jon Weece struggles alongside us, and does having a disability make you less dateable?

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Public Christianity

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: John Holst, Caitlin Richard and Ella Zehr

[18:26] - 

Religious freedom is a gift, especially in a day where Christianity is considered extreme and voicing your convictions is deemed offensive. How do we navigate the tricky waters of religious expression, and how do we remain hopeful when we see Christ ignored or even mocked in the circles around us? Our panel weighs in.

We All Struggle

Guests: Jon Weece

[23:25] - 

Some will try to convince you that Christians shouldn't experience pain and struggle, but the Bible tells us otherwise. In “Me Too,” Jon Weece explores God's goodness in the brokenness of life. He's seen plenty of it, but he’s working with the members of his church to creatively infuse love and healing into his community and beyond — like hosting a city-wide prom for the disabled and disadvantaged. It's a story that's both convicting and inspiring.

Disability and Dating

Guests: Greg Smalley

[6:38] - 

Does having a disability decrease your chances of marrying? Our listener thinks so and is frustrated by his lack of prospects. Dr. Greg Smalley offers some much-needed advice and encouragement for the situation.

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