Saving for the Future: Episode 440

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Saving for the Future: Episode 440

Jul 07, 2016
Guests: Nate Florea, Jenna Opperman, Helen Parks, Russ Carroll, Lisa Anderson, Jeremiah Bakk and Charles Billingsley

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Savvy retirement planning, plus strategies for making compound interest work for you, and telling on a married man.

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Retirement Savings

Guests: Nate Florea, Jenna Opperman and Helen Parks

[19:52] - 

Are you a millennial who's already saving for retirement? Then you're probably in the minority among your peers. But planning with the future in mind is not only smart, it's doable. Our panel shares strategies for starting your nest egg now, regardless of your current earning power.

The Miracle of Compound Interest

Guests: Russ Carroll

[20:07] - 

You may have heard Dave Ramsey's assertion that a teenager who starts to save now and does so for the next decade, will be a millionaire at retirement. Is this for real? Yes, according to Russ Carroll, longtime Ramsey employee, consultant and financial strategist. Russ makes the concept of compound interest palatable to those of us for whom retirement is a long way off. He shares tips for saving, investing and letting your money work for you early on so you can enjoy it later.

Should I Tell on Him?

Guests: Lisa Anderson

[6:01] - 

She’s on an online dating site and was contacted by a married man who also happens to be employed by a nearby church. Should she tell someone? If so, who? Lisa Anderson offers advice.

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