Science and Eternity: Episode 463

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Science and Eternity: Episode 463

Dec 15, 2016
Guests: Erin Eberspacher, Andrew Hess, Brandon Wilson and Danny Huerta

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When transhumanism meets the image of God, plus a Christmas trip to Adventures in Odyssey, and our listener has concerns about dating a woman with kids.

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Can Science Save Us?

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Erin Eberspacher, Andrew Hess and Brandon Wilson

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Some people believe that in the very near future, science will get us to the point of invincibility, even immortality. Even sooner than that, technology will enable us to mechanize human processes, engineer and manipulate life, and substitute facts for feelings. It's called transhumanism, and it has a ton of hopeful adherents. But what are the implications? What happens when science collides with the soul? When does the imago dei transcend the marvels of innovation? Our panel weighs in.

It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 1

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Any Adventures in Odyssey fans out there? If you're not one yet, you will be after listening to part one of this AIO Christmas special. We're calling out the kid in all of us to slow down and put the spark back in Christmas with the gang from Whit's End and Odyssey. And of course we'll learn a couple lessons along the way. Grab some hot cocoa and settle in!

She Has Kids

Guests: Danny Huerta

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Is dating a woman with children a good idea, or just too much drama to take the risk? What if everything else is a green light? And where does our listener's heart come into the picture? Counselor Danny Huerta offers advice.