Slap Happy: Episode 427

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Slap Happy: Episode 427

Apr 07, 2016
Guests: JB Lewis, Cat Snow, Ellen Stines, Randy Alcorn and Lisa Anderson

[51:13] - 

How much info you need for a first date, plus theologian Randy Alcorn spreads happiness, and advice for a dating intervention.

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Encounters of the First Kind

Guests: JB Lewis, Cat Snow and Ellen Stines

[21:30] - 

A pre-planned initial encounter with someone of the opposite sex (aka "first date") can be a little risky depending upon how much information you're privy to beforehand. Some people love blind dates, while others can't imagine ever going into that situation without doing some prior reconnaissance. A lively discussion by our roundtable aims to answer, "How much do you really need to know before going on a first date?"

True Source of Happiness

Guests: Randy Alcorn

[22:06] - 

Happy, happy, happy! Does God want us to be happy? Theologian Randy Alcorn posits from his latest really thick book, Happiness, that God, the true source of happiness, does indeed want us to be happy. That'll be news to some of us as he explains the why and the how.


Guests: Lisa Anderson

[5:05] - 

What can you do when you want to help your friend avoid heartbreak?  A listener in this position doesn't think it's wise for her Christian friend to continue dating her atheist boyfriend. See if Lisa Anderson agrees as she shares some advice.