Voting with Confidence: Episode 453

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Voting with Confidence: Episode 453

Oct 06, 2016
Guests: Ivette Diaz, John Stonestreet, Shelby Abbott and Lisa Anderson

[58:19] - 

Overcoming angst about the election process, plus Shelby Abbott offers a guy’s take on dating, and a listener is guilt-tripped for wanting chemistry.

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Trusting God with Our Country’s Future

Guests: Ivette Diaz and John Stonestreet

[26:07] - 

For all of us the ability to vote and help determine our country’s future is a huge privilege. The United States is soon to face a historic national election, and many, including Christians, are fearful of the potential outcome. Deep down, we know God’s in control, but are we willing to trust Him with the results? Do we have the necessary information to pray, research, discuss and then vote what we really believe? Public policy experts John Stonestreet and Ivette Diaz help us cut the clutter so we can move forward with confidence.

He’ll Help You Date

Guests: Shelby Abbott

[25:20] - 

Shelby Abbott isn’t just a leader with CRU, nor is he merely a cautionary relationship tale. Shelby is a tool — for your dating success, that is. In his book I Am a Tool: To Help with Your Dating Life, Shelby uses his own story and tons of practical tips from his years as a young adult mentor to guide you from a guy’s perspective into dating success. Listen in.

Can I Get Some Chemistry?

Guests: Lisa Anderson

[4:52] - 

She’s giving guys a chance, but nothing seems to “click.” Is it too much to ask for chemistry and a sense of humor? Her friends seem to think so. Do you agree? Lisa Anderson offers advice.

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