Why Submit?: Episode 421

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Why Submit?: Episode 421

Feb 25, 2016
Guests: Chriscynethia Floyd, Ashley Mazelin, Kate Patterson, Dr. Dan Allender and Greg Smalley

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Single women leery of submission, plus Christian therapist Dan Allender on past abuse affecting present dating, and a nervous new bride speaks up.

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What Submission Means Today

Guests: Chriscynethia Floyd, Ashley Mazelin and Kate Patterson

[22:44] - 

Are millennial women leery of getting married because the idea of submission sounds suffocating? That's the question posed to our panel of single gals. As they grapple with how submission might play out in contemporary marriage, you'll be encouraged to know you're not the only one wondering how a generation of Christian women raised by a feminist-influenced culture can embrace biblical thinking on this issue.

Sexual Abuse & Dating

Guests: Dr. Dan Allender

[24:01] - 

So many factors affect dating relationships, and one of the most significant may be past sexual abuse. Stats shows one in three females has been sexually abused. So there's a good chance that you, a friend or a family member has been affected. Prominent Christian therapist Dan Allender recently updated his classic book, Healing the Wounded Heart, and offers ways to overcome past wounds while dating.

Nervous New Bride

Guests: Greg Smalley

[6:19] - 

A first time bride wants to know what to expect as she marries a man who's been to the altar before. Of special concern to her is the wedding night. Focus on the Family's marriage expert, Dr. Greg Smalley, offers help as he works to calm her nerves.