Adulting: Episode 492

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Adulting: Episode 492

Jul 06, 2017
Guests: Ashley Brannon, Catherine Bunker, Brandon Wilson, Brett Kunkle, John Stonestreet and Greg Smalley

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What it means to be an adult, plus standing strong in today's culture, and parental pressure to not date someone previously married.

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All Grown Up

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Ashley Brannon, Catherine Bunker and Brandon Wilson

[21:50] - 

There's a new verb in our vocabulary: adulting. It refers to taking on the roles and responsibilities of a mature, functioning, grown-up person. Are you there yet? What are some of the hallmarks of maturity that we should expect as we enter adulthood? How do we take them on successfully and gracefully? Our panel spearheads a spirited discussion on the subject.

Culture Club

Guests: Brett Kunkle and John Stonestreet

[20:42] - 

Our parents warned us about the evils in the world around us. But the world is the pond we swim in. As Christians, is it possible to engage the culture in a healthy way, and maybe even rightly influence it for the kingdom of God? John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle have written "A Practical Guide to Culture" to help us do just that. Addressing everything from media to politics to the ideologies behind some of today's biggest hot-button issues, this week's interview gets us thinking in the right direction.

Parental Pressure

Guests: Greg Smalley

[5:32] - 

He's 37, and his parents want to see him married. The problem is, they don't want him to marry someone who's been married before, something that's less and less a probability the older he gets. How can he honor his parents while still embracing reality? Dr. Greg Smalley offers advice.