Divorce-Proof: Episode 475

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Divorce-Proof: Episode 475

Mar 09, 2017
Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Jake Roberson, Brandon Wilson, Glenn Stanton and Joshua Rogers

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Saying “no” to cohabitation, plus why your chance of divorce could be almost zero, and encouragement for a relationship virgin.

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Countering Cohabitation

Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Jake Roberson and Brandon Wilson

[19:27] - 

More and more people are doing it — living together before marriage. Even the number of Christians who cohabit is on the rise. Is it possible to buck the trend and honor God in this area? And are there compelling reasons to do so? What if all your friends are living together and think you're just backward and old-fashioned? Our panel takes a stand.

Kicking Divorce to the Curb

Guests: Glenn Stanton

[19:34] - 

You've heard the sobering statistic, that half of marriages are doomed to failure. Not true, says Focus on the Family researcher Glenn Stanton. In fact, based on a number of factors, your personal risk of divorce could be close to zero. What? Glenn uses stats from a recent article to give us the real story.

Relationship Virgin

Guests: Joshua Rogers

[5:53] - 

He's 26 and has yet to be in a relationship. Is something wrong? And why is God holding out on him? He's trying to stay encouraged, but is beginning to think that God just doesn't care. Joshua Rogers offers advice.