Evangelicals for Life: Episode 467

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Evangelicals for Life: Episode 467

Jan 12, 2017
Guests: Sharen Ford, Kelly Rosati, Esther Fleece and Candice Watters

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Why being pro-life is bigger than saving babies, plus Esther Fleece lingers in lament, and is it OK to pray for the gift of singleness?

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Featured Musical Artist: Jonathan Cain


Pro-Life and the Big Picture

Guests: Sharen Ford and Kelly Rosati

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Many people hear “pro-life” and immediately think “anti-abortion.” That’s not wrong, but it’s not the whole story. Life at all ages, stages and circumstances is ordained and blessed by God; this means that the preborn as well as the orphan, the elderly, the refugee, the person with special needs—every person on earth has dignity and value, and is worth fighting for. Listen in as two champions of the vulnerable offer a unique window into life and justice, and how we can get involved, starting with a landmark event later this month.

Stop Faking “Fine”

Guests: Esther Fleece

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Esther Fleece was a pretender, ignoring her past, putting on a cheerful face day after day, and seeking validation and significance in her work, connections and ability to hold everything together. But maintaining the act was exhausting, and eventually she had to face the reality of her circumstances and unchecked grief. She made a conscious decision to end the pretending and instead learn to lament and move forward in authenticity. Her new book, No More Faking Fine, tells the full story.

The Gift of Singleness

Guests: Candice Watters

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When you’ve longed for marriage but you’re 35 and still single, is it time to start praying in a different direction? Could God’s seeming silence on the matter be a sign that you’ve been holding on to the dream too tightly? Is praying for the gift of singleness a better solution? Candice Watters offers advice.