First Comes Love: Episode 499

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First Comes Love: Episode 499

Aug 24, 2017
Guests: Kathryn Eutsler, Dan Smith, Brandon Wilson, Barry Corey and Joshua Rogers

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Prioritizing life's milestones, plus Biola University's president talks kindness and life in the real world, and a shy girl wants advice for getting noticed by men.

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Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage

Guests: Kathryn Eutsler, Dan Smith and Brandon Wilson

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Life sure would be easier if it were more predictable: if you could plan out your path to love, marriage and family, for example. And if your career would fall into place at just the perfect time. And if all your hopes and dreams came true. But a "perfect" life progression is no longer the norm, but the exception. Our culture at large is mixing everything up on purpose; many young adults are choosing to not marry, but are having kids. Or they're delaying marriage well into their 30s or beyond, and are cohabiting in the meantime. For Christians who desire to honor God but aren't seeing the predictable pattern of life's milestones play out as they expected, what to do? Our panel weighs in.

Kindness Is King

Guests: Barry Corey

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Do nice guys (and girls) really finish last? Not according to Biola University president Barry Corey, the author of "Love Kindness." He first saw kindness modeled by his dad to great effect, and did an extensive exploration into the biblical virtue of kindness with practical applications for us all. With this, he argues that character is foundational to successfully navigating adulthood. It's advice not just for his college grads, but for us all.

The Wallflower

Guests: Joshua Rogers

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She's interested in a man who seems to be giving her extra attention. But what can she do to keep it? She's shy, and is afraid that her quiet nature will make him lose interest fast, especially if she has to compete with the other more bubbly personalities in the room. Joshua Rogers offers advice.