I Doubt It: Episode 506

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I Doubt It: Episode 506

Oct 12, 2017
Guests: Joanna Brown, Nathan Pillmore, Cristina Spear, Ben Young and Christina Chismar

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Dating and marrying someone of a different race, plus why doubting your faith can strengthen it, and a listener is having problems living with an unbeliever.

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Love Across the Color Line

Guests: Joanna Brown, Nathan Pillmore and Cristina Spear

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Cultures colliding might mean complicated dating. On our panel this week, a woman discusses the challenges and joys of her interracial marriage (one of the joys: beautiful kids); an Asian American talks about growing up in a mostly white neighborhood; and a redheaded half-Cuban weighs in about dating guys who don't look like her.

How Doubts Can Deepen Your Faith

Guests: Ben Young

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"Doubt is like porn," says pastor Ben Young. "Lots of people struggle with it, but no one wants to talk about it." Ben, who calls himself a recovering "doubt-aholic," tells his story of experiencing intense doubt about God. He argues that doubt isn't the opposite of faith, but instead is like ice: It can slide you closer to or further away from God. We ask Ben what determines which way Christians slide as we talk about his book "Room for Doubt."

Reach Out or Run Away?

Guests: Christina Chismar

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What if your home is a spiritual battleground? A listener has a roommate who's not a Christian and is doing things that make our listener uncomfortable. Should she stay and try to be a good witness? Should she leave and find a roommate who shares her values? One of our licensed counselors weighs in.