I Like Big Bibles: Episode 476

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I Like Big Bibles: Episode 476

Mar 16, 2017
Guests: Elise Bryant, Brandon Wilson, Greg Koukl and Greg Smalley

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The religious fervor of men versus women, plus a walk through the grand story of Scripture, and being dumped for a lack of emotional spark.

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Are Women More Religious Than Men?

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Elise Bryant and Brandon Wilson

[19:40] - 

"I like...big...Bibles and I cannot lie." So goes the popular song parody. But where's the truth in it? Are women overachievers when it comes to faith and religious practice? Studies say yes, but the men on our panel are blowing the proverbial whistle. Maybe it's just how men practice their faith, they argue. Is there room in the middle to recognize our differences and grow together? Listen to this week's spirited discussion.

God's Big Story

Guests: Greg Koukl

[20:23] - 

Does the Bible seem intimidating to you? Does all its history, prophecy, poetry and people confuse you? Maybe you see it as a collection of a thousand little stories. What it really is, argues apologist and professor Greg Koukl, is one big story, The Story of Reality, in fact. And knowing this and living it infuses purpose and passion into the big and small things of life. Get excited about past, present and eternity as Greg breathes life into our understanding of the Bible in this exciting interview.

It Only Takes a Spark

Guests: Greg Smalley

[5:42] - 

Even though they were compatible, our listener says her boyfriend broke up with her due to a lack of emotional spark. Is that fair? Is a spark necessary, and if so, at what point in the relationship? Did her boyfriend end it too soon? Dr. Greg Smalley offers insight.