Jesus Jukes and Christian Clichés: Episode 513

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Jesus Jukes and Christian Clichés: Episode 513

Nov 30, 2017
Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler, Jake Roberson and Gina Dalfonzo

[53:03] - 

Things Christians should stop saying or doing, plus when church gets challenging for singles, and a listener wants to ask out his small group co-leader.

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Religious Rhetoric

Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler and Jake Roberson

[22:44] - 

"Let go and let God." "Too blessed to be stressed." "God needed another angel." Jesus jukes and Christian platitudes, while easy to spout, are probably not that effective in furthering God's kingdom. So how do we quit the habit? We reached out to you on social media and texted our non-believing friends to discover what things Christians should probably stop saying and doing.

The Single Problem

Being Single|Culture
Guests: Gina Dalfonzo

[22:03] - 

She dreamed of marriage and waited for her husband to come...but now she's in her 40s and still single. When Gina Dalfonzo goes to church, she often gets frustrated with classes, sermons and social interactions that seem to elevate marriage while treating singleness as a problem to solve. What can singles do to be a vibrant, known and contributing factor in our local churches? How can we honor marriage and singleness simultaneously?  Lisa and Gina swap stories and talk about Gina's book One by One: Welcoming the Singles in Your Church.

Big Crush, Small Group


[5:24] - 

She's cute, godly, funny — and a listener's small group co-leader at church. He wants to ask her out, but if it doesn't work out, he's worried about the effect that would have on their Bible study dynamics. Should he play it safe? Is it worth it? Lisa Anderson offers some frank advice.