Killer Ego: Episode 471

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Killer Ego: Episode 471

Feb 09, 2017
Guests: Andrew Hess, Ashley Mazelin, Brandon Wilson, Dan Dumas and Joshua Rogers

[45:59] - 

When your purpose is clouded by pride, plus Dan Dumas with a blueprint for young adulthood, and how to discourage a coworker's interest. 

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Is Ego Your Worst Enemy?

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Andrew Hess, Ashley Mazelin and Brandon Wilson

[19:39] - 

Most of us want to fulfill God's calling on our life, but we often feel unsure, stuck or discouraged in the process of getting there. Could the answer lie in our motives? We may have the abilities and opportunities necessary to honor God in our work and ministry, but we're the ones getting in the way. What do you do when your ego is keeping you from being effective? Our panel weighs in.

Live Smart

Guests: Dan Dumas

[18:58] - 

We all at one time or another look back on the past with regrets. Things we could have done differently, situations we would've changed, relationships we could've worked harder at. You can't change the past, but maximizing today could have a big impact on your future. Young adulthood is prime for getting things done wisely, efficiently, boldly and with biblical purpose. Dan Dumas helps us figure out how in this conversation drawn from his book Live Smart.

Can I Be Blunt?

Guests: Joshua Rogers

[5:23] - 

His co-worker is showing interest, but he doesn’t reciprocate it. He doesn’t want to make waves, but isn’t sure she’s taking the hint. Does he need to rebuff her bluntly? Joshua Rogers offers advice.