Leading From Behind: Episode 501

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Leading From Behind: Episode 501

Sep 07, 2017
Guests: Austin Maciok, Jake Roberson, Rachel Robinson, Clay Scroggins and Joshua Rogers

[56:58] - 

Moving up on the job as a millennial, plus Clay Scroggins' journey from intern to megachurch pastor, and what to do with a friend who is annoyingly arrogant.

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Balancing Ambition and Humility

Guests: Austin Maciok, Jake Roberson and Rachel Robinson

[22:04] - 

Black coat, red tie, slicked back hair, and... a sense of entitlement? Some folks say that describes a typical millennial. But do 20- and 30-somethings really expect to be promoted quickly in the workforce? If so, is being ambitious inherently bad? Our panel discusses.

Leading Right Where You Are

Guests: Clay Scroggins

[27:15] - 

He started as a facilities intern, but Clay Scroggins is now a lead pastor at North Point Community Church, one of the largest churches in the U.S. Hear his unlikely story, what it's like to work for Andy Stanley, and how you don't necessarily need a fancy title to be a great leader. He shares lessons from his latest book, "How to Lead When You're Not In Charge."

Arrogance Intervention

Guests: Joshua Rogers

[5:47] - 

He has a great friend. Except, this friend is arrogant. We're talking really arrogant. Should he say something? Husband and author Joshua Rogers offers a listener advice on how to deal with a friend who might be too big for his britches.