Lent for Dummies: Episode 477

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Lent for Dummies: Episode 477

Mar 23, 2017
Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Jake Roberson, Aaron Damiani and M.T. Wilson

[47:55] - 

Making healthy habits attainable, plus why Lent is good for all believers, and a question about God's will and our choices.

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Healthy Habit Hacks

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Ashley Mazelin and Jake Roberson

[21:37] - 

More sleep, less sugar, more exercise, less stress. We've heard it all, and the barrage of healthy lifestyle advice available out there can be overwhelming. How do you separate the helpful from the hype? What actually works and is sustainable? Our panelists share their best hacks for getting healthy and staying sane in the process.

How Lent Prepares Us for Easter (and Life)

Guests: Aaron Damiani

[19:29] - 

Isn't Lent just for Catholics? And what is Lent, anyway? Pastor Aaron Damiani sheds some light on the significance of this season and how it prepares us for Easter and living out the gospel every day. Author of The Good of Giving Up, Aaron's approach to the Lenten season will help you see the faith-strengthening story of Christ's holy mission with new eyes.

God's Will and My Choices

Guests: M.T. Wilson

[4:34] - 

When it comes to God's will, do our choices make a difference? Should we sit back and wait for God to move, or should we be moving in the meantime? Wouldn’t it be better if God told us exactly what to do in every situation? Counselor M.T. Wilson weighs in.