Loving Difficult People: Episode 515

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Loving Difficult People: Episode 515

Dec 14, 2017
Guests: Carey Chamberlin, John Fuller, Diane Ingolia, Dr. Mike Bechtle and Lisa Ruman

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Serving all types of people this Christmas, plus loving that person who drives you crazy, and a listener is worried about the ramifications of job-hopping.

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People to Serve This Christmas

Guests: Carey Chamberlin, John Fuller and Diane Ingolia

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You've heard the advice before: To combat loneliness as a single around the holidays, reach out to others and serve them. But the question then becomes — how? Listen as a single adoptive mom, an empty nester and a dad with millennial-aged kids give you practical ways to help and encourage folks like them this Christmas. Special thanks to Boundless listener Darcy Brown for the idea for this Roundtable!

You Drive Me Crazy

Guests: Dr. Mike Bechtle

[19:32] - 

We all have one (or ten): people who because of their words, attitudes or behavior drive us absolutely crazy. Whether it's your roommate, sibling, parent, boss or someone else, attempting to put up with (let alone love) that person can get pretty frustrating. Relationship expert Dr. Mike Bechtle hosts seminars in the corporate world and beyond to help people get along. He's here this week to explain why people drive us crazy, and how we can succeed in these relationships without simply pretending like everything's OK. He takes us through the advice in his book "People Can't Drive You Crazy If You Don't Give Them the Keys."

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Guests: Lisa Ruman

[4:27] - 

A listener has been at his current job for about seven months, but now has an opportunity to leave that job and start his dream job. The "dream job" brings a pay cut and isn't super stable. Is it worth it? What do employers think about people who job-hop? Recruitment director Lisa Ruman weighs in from an employer's perspective.