Loving Your Family: Episode 512

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Loving Your Family: Episode 512

Nov 23, 2017
Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler, Jake Roberson, Jessie Minassian and Lisa Ruman

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Being thankful even when our parents frustrate us, plus Jessie Minassian on dealing with family around the holidays, and a listener can't land a job.

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When Our Parents Mess Up

Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler and Jake Roberson

[25:06] - 

Flawed. Sinful. Selfish. Clueless. We forget it sometimes, but our moms and dads struggle with insecurity and uncertainty just like we do. When they disappoint us or confuse us, how do we handle it now that we're adults? Where's the line between not caring enough about them and caring too much what they think? Our panel discusses ways to love and forgive our parents.

The Family Secret

Guests: Jessie Minassian

[22:25] - 

She was the daughter of a single mom, but then gained a frustrating stepdad. At 17, she met her birth dad only to watch him walk back out of her life. And then there's her sister, who dealt with severe depression and brought comparison and jealousy into the picture. In short, Jessie Minassian's family is messed up (sound familiar?). But when Jessie was in her 20s, her mom was diagnosed with cancer, and her perspective on family changed. She shares what she considers to be the secret to loving our families well through confusing, shifting relationships.

No Job, No Joy

Guests: Lisa Ruman

[4:52] - 

A listener feels like she's done everything she can to get a job, but nothing has worked out. It's affecting her financially, emotionally and spiritually. What steps can she take? Focus on the Family's director of recruitment, Lisa Ruman, shares helpful tips for those frustrated in the hunt for a job.