Marks of a Mature Christian: Episode 469

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Marks of a Mature Christian: Episode 469

Jan 26, 2017
Guests: Andrew Hess, Ashley Mazelin, Brandon Wilson, Gary Thomas and M.T. Wilson

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What a mature Christian looks like, plus Gary Thomas makes the case for OK sex, and help for a listener’s unrealistic sex-pectations.

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Are You Mature?

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Andrew Hess, Ashley Mazelin and Brandon Wilson

[20:52] - 

Many people call themselves Christians, but we know from Scripture that a true Christian has a few distinct characteristics that evidence growth and the presence of spiritual fruit. What are some qualities to look for in yourself and others as evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit? How do we cultivate these traits? Our panel opens up the discussion.

OK Sex Is OK

Guests: Gary Thomas

[22:18] - 

If you’ve watched any TV or movies lately, you’ve most likely been accosted by the world’s opinions on sex. More often than not, the culture’s assumptions and resulting storylines depict sex as a mind-blowing, almost pornified experience. It’s easy to assume that this is a 24/7 reality, even for Christians within marriage. Not so, says author and pastor Gary Thomas. In this interview, he argues that it’s perfectly fine to expect OK sex in your future marriage. What exactly does he mean? Listen in.

Unrealistic Sex-pectations

Guests: M.T. Wilson

[5:12] - 

Our listener is grappling with insecurities, especially about his body, and they’re affecting his views of what sex will be like in marriage. It doesn’t help that porn has plagued his past. Fortunately counselor M.T. Wilson offers some hope.