Money Motivators: Episode 511

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Money Motivators: Episode 511

Nov 16, 2017
Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler, Brian Krause, Tommy Brown and John Thorington

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Debating dating deal-breakers, plus figuring out your money type, and a listener wonders if masturbation is OK.

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And the Deal-Breaker Is...

Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler and Brian Krause

[21:19] - 

You've finally found the guy/girl that seems perfect in every way. But as the infatuation wears off, you realize there's that one thing about them that irks you. Is this a sign that you should part ways, or are your expectations too high? Our panel weighs in.

What's Your Money Type?

Guests: Tommy Brown

[23:53] - 

You've noticed that you spend and even think about money differently than your roommates and friends. Does that mean one of you is right or wrong? According to Pastor Tommy Brown, not necessarily. Lisa hates discussing money, but she makes an exception this week to talk to Tommy about his book "The Seven Money Types." His candor and wit actually make the topic interesting and fun. Take the Money Types quiz here.

The Masturbation Question

Guests: John Thorington

[4:31] - 

A listener isn't having sex or looking at porn, but he does struggle with masturbation. He's wondering what to do, or if it's really inherently that bad. Licensed counselor John Thorington gets this question a lot, so he sits down to give his advice.