Pace Yourself: Episode 488

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Pace Yourself: Episode 488

Jun 08, 2017
Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Jake Roberson, Brandon Wilson, Marshall Segal and Roberta Perno

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The pressure of finding a calling, plus Marshall Segal looks back on singleness and dating, and what to do when a friend is getting too close to a married man.

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Do the Next Thing

Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Jake Roberson and Brandon Wilson

[21:16] - 

With all the talk about "finding your calling," it's easy to err on one of two sides: entitlement or discouragement. For many of us, our big dreams are getting in the way of what God's asking us to do right now. How do you keep an eye on the future and nurture your passions without getting too big for your britches? And how do you take a risk and trust God without navel-gazing or despair? Our panel shares some ideas.

Hindsight Is 20/20

Being Single|Culture
Guests: Marshall Segal

[29:00] - 

Marshall Segal admits that he squandered a few of his single years. Clinging to relationships that needed to end, living in the future instead of the present, and treating singleness as second-best — all contributed to Marshall being unsettled and discouraged with God's plan for his life. Now married and with the clarity that looking back brings, this former assistant to John Piper and author of "Not Yet Married" shares lessons learned on the journey.

Do Not Cross

Guests: Roberta Perno

[ 6:01] - 

Her friend is going through a divorce, and has formed a friendship with a married man whom she calls her "soul mate." Is there anything our listener can say or do to speak truth into the situation? Counselor Roberta Perno offers advice.