Party Like a Christian: Episode 491

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Party Like a Christian: Episode 491

Jun 29, 2017
Guests: Nathan Pillmore, Britta Provart, Brandon Wilson, Eric Metaxas and Greg Smalley

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How to party with pizzazz (and integrity), plus Eric Metaxas on what makes America unique, and a listener is keeping a secret from her fiancé.

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Christians Just Wanna Have Fun

Guests: Nathan Pillmore, Britta Provart and Brandon Wilson

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Whether it's bachelor or bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, birthday bashes, or just a Saturday-night hangout, Christians like to celebrate as much as anyone. But how we do it may look (or need to look) different from our non-Christian counterparts. Is it possible to have fun without all the excess and unwise behavior? Sure it is. You just need to get a bit creative. Our discussion this week centers around getting in the party spirit for some good, clean fun.

What's Great About the U.S.A.

Guests: Eric Metaxas

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It may sound arrogant to say, but the United States is a pretty great place. Not that other countries aren't great, too, but America has a unique heritage, history and founding principles that have made it what it is today. Is there anything to learn from the systems and values our Founding Fathers put in place? And have we strayed from the ideals, heroes and hunger that characterized our infancy? Eric Metaxas shares ideas from his book "If You Can Keep It" and makes the case for returning to the roots that bought America its freedom.

Secret Keeper

Guests: Greg Smalley

[6:17] - 

She's been keeping a secret from her fiancé, and the guilt is crushing her. She knows she should tell him, but is afraid he may get angry, or worse, walk away for good. Can she trust him with the truth and potential consequences? Dr. Greg Smalley offers advice.