Play the Man: Episode 485

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Play the Man: Episode 485

May 18, 2017
Guests: Laura Gearhart, Jake Roberson, Brandon Wilson, Mark Batterson and Harry Pearson

[48:40] - 

How single young adults are portrayed on TV, plus Mark Batterson asks men to get in the game, and a military man is unsure if he should be dating.

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Character or Caricature?

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Laura Gearhart, Jake Roberson and Brandon Wilson

[22:46] - 

We all have our favorite TV characters, and it seems like the past decade has delivered more single young adults to the small screen than ever before. But are these characters anything like ourselves? For good or for bad, what are we gleaning from the examples of our favorite fictional friends? And are there any warning signs to be aware of as art (attempts to) imitate life? Our panel weighs in.

A Man's Life

Guests: Mark Batterson

[19:00] - 

Everyone from the entertainment industry to advertisers to sports franchises and more wants a piece of today's man. But the trappings of modern masculinity are leaving many men empty-handed. Isn't there more to life for men who want to honor God and mature accordingly? Mark Batterson thinks there is, and he's issuing a rallying cry to God-fearing guys who won't settle for the compromising and complacent life that the world is trying to sell them. Listen in as he cheers for a generation of men ready to Play the Man.

Too Dangerous to Marry?

Guests: Harry Pearson

[4:33] - 

Our listener has a dangerous job as a member of the military. He's unsure if bringing a wife into a life of frequent deployments, combat, multiple moves and more is a wise thing to do. Counselor Harry Pearson offers advice.

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