Rethinking Retirement: Episode 478

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Rethinking Retirement: Episode 478

Mar 30, 2017
Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Jake Roberson, Brandon Wilson, Chris Hogan and Danny Huerta

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Glorifying God on the job, plus a fresh look at retirement, and what's a right view of rebound relationships?

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Work as Worship

Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Jake Roberson and Brandon Wilson

[22:59] - 

Whether you're in your dream career or punching the clock to make ends meet, work is a necessary part of life for all of us. But how you view work is entirely up to you. God calls work "good," but how does that translate to mundane tasks like answering emails, taking orders, filing reports or battling workplace bureaucracy and inefficiency? It all matters, and this week's panel shares how to make the everyday sacred regardless of where and how you put in your hours.

Inspired to Retire

Guests: Chris Hogan

[19:04] - 

As a young adult, retirement may barely be on your radar. But this is unwise, argues financial planner and retirement expert Chris Hogan. Author of Retire Inspired, Chris has made his share of mistakes, but has climbed out of the financial pit several times. Now looking toward retirement as a future of options and opportunities to make a difference, he shares his top strategies to help us join him on the right track.

On the Rebound

Guests: Danny Huerta

[4:03] - 

Our culture is no stranger to rebound relationships, but what does God think of them? Is there a way to navigate getting back in the game that honors God and gives us a workable timeline for love? Counselor Danny Huerta weighs in.