The Living Dead: Episode 496

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The Living Dead: Episode 496

Aug 03, 2017
Guests: Britta Provart, Brandon Rall, Jake Roberson, Randy Frazee and John Thorington

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Why your non-Christian friends don't care about Jesus, plus Randy Frazee on what happens after death, and untangling your past to make today's decisions.

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What Your Unsaved Friends Need Most

Guests: Britta Provart, Brandon Rall and Jake Roberson

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It's tempting to try to talk (or even bully) our friends into an understanding of the gospel. Worse, some of us say and do nothing at all, unconvinced of the power of the Holy Spirit in our own lives, or doubtful that faith has relevance in our culture as a whole. So where does that leave us? What should we say and do to show that Jesus matters, both in history and in the lives of those who give Him more than a passing glance? Our panel weighs in.

You're Dead, Now What?

Guests: Randy Frazee

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Thinking about death isn't a top priority for most, especially young adults. But it's a certainty for all of us if Christ doesn't return first. What actually happens after you die? What's heaven, and what's the new earth? Is grandma smiling down on you? Is cremation OK? Is Jesus really enough when it's all said and done? Pastor Randy Frazee asked these questions, and it led him on a search of what the Bible says about heaven, hell, death and everything in between.

Too Late to Start Over?

Guests: John Thorington

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She's been living with her boyfriend for years; they even bought a house together. But now she's a Christian and realizes her before-Jesus self made decisions that have implications moving forward. Does she work with what she's got? Cut her losses? Is she in too deep at this point to do anything differently? Counselor John Thorington offers advice.