Convo With Your Creator: Episode 548

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Convo With Your Creator: Episode 548

Aug 02, 2018
Guests: Pastor Mark Bates, Glenn Lutjens, George Stahnke and Lee Strobel

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Making prayer make sense in everyday life, plus how to tell if your date is really a Christian, and a listener is having zero luck with online dating.

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Don't Overthink Prayer

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Pastor Mark Bates, Glenn Lutjens and George Stahnke

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Praying can be hard, especially when it seems like a one-way conversation. Sometimes it's boring; other times it's hard to know what or how to pray. Some of you told us you've been praying for 10, even 20 years for a spouse, with not even a date in sight. To tackle the tough questions about talking to God, Lisa sat down with three pastor friends to discuss practical, shame-free ways to keep up the convo with our Creator, even when He seems silent.

Beware the Spiritual Mismatch

Guests: Lee Strobel

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We've all heard that we shouldn't be unequally yoked ... but what does that actually mean? What if the guy seems interested in Christianity? Or what if she says she's a Christian, but you don't see much fruit? Lee Strobel is back this week to tell his marriage mismatch story (he was an atheist, and his wife became a devout believer), and he outlines 15 questions to ask to figure out if your date's faith is the real thing.

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Online Dating Ain't Easy


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She gave online dating her best shot, but didn't have any luck. Should she continue trying? What should she do differently? Lisa Anderson speaks from her own experience to offer some practical advice.