Marriage and Masculinity: Episode 523

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Marriage and Masculinity: Episode 523

Feb 08, 2018
Guests: Diane Ingolia, Brian Krause, Greg Smalley, Jeff Johnston and Roberta Perno

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Dating with a good marriage in mind, plus what healthy masculinity looks like, and a listener is involved with an ex-boyfriend.

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Dating for Marriage Success

Guests: Diane Ingolia, Brian Krause and Greg Smalley

[22:28] - 

Mission: Find a couple with a godly marriage, hit rewind, and see what their dating years looked like. Why did they pick each other? What did they do that contributed to their marriage success? For our Valentine's Day episode, Lisa sits down with a panel of people who are enjoying long, happy marriages. She asks them about dating and picking a spouse — and what you can do today to prepare for a marriage you'll love to talk about tomorrow.

What Men (& Women) Need to Know About Masculinity

Guests: Jeff Johnston

[22:37] - 

Masculinity matters. In fact, a misunderstanding of it might be a root cause of the sexual assault epidemic according to Focus on the Family's issues analyst Jeff Johnston. So what does healthy masculinity look like? How can men cultivate it and women recognize it? Jeff shares candidly about his personal struggles with masculinity and talks about what he's learned from years of research and study.

Recommended resource: "Healing the Masculine Soul” by Gordon Dalbey

Breaking the Cycle of Sexual Sin

Guests: Roberta Perno

[5:33] - 

A listener dated a guy for several years, and now he's engaged to someone else. But he and our listener are still having sex. She's talked to her parents and pastor but can't get out of the cycle. What can she do? A licensed counselor offers advice.

Recommended resource: Focus on the Family's over-the-phone counseling and referrals