You Are Seen: Episode 531

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You Are Seen: Episode 531

Apr 05, 2018
Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler, Jake Roberson, Sara Hagerty and Joshua Rogers

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Readers' passion around attraction, plus Sara Hagerty on being noticed and loved by God, and a listener wants practical ways to stay pure while dating.

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The Ugly Truth About Beauty

Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler and Jake Roberson

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Boundless contributor Joshua Rogers wrote this week's feature article titled "When Guys Don't Notice You." Let's just say the article didn't have that problem; it got noticed. Readers were divided on whether they found the article helpful or hurtful. Some thought it downright vicious. We thought its points merited further discussion, so this week we dig into beauty, attraction, worth and wounding in an attempt to separate the inevitable from the inspired.

It's OK to Be Unseen

Guests: Sara Hagerty

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Ever wish someone was thinking about you all the time? Yeah, we do too. But instead of pushing away that longing, we can use it to draw closer to God in little moments of everyday life. It sounds cliché, but it's actually very doable, and it changed author Sara Hagerty's life. Join us as Lisa and Sara talk about how to feel like God loves and sees you, even when you're not doing "big things."

Recommended resource: "Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to Be Noticed."

Sex and Starbucks

Guests: Joshua Rogers

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A listener is dating a guy, and it's mostly going well — but they're going too far physically. What can they do practically to stop sliding into sexual sin? Joshua Rogers shares his personal experience and offers advice (and Lisa makes a weird comment about Starbucks).