One Single Day

As time goes on, it grows more clear to me that while my waiting years are a loss, they are not a waste.

What Do Your TV Habits Say About You?

It’s safe to say that we like our TV. And it goes deeper than entertainment. We identify with our shows; they represent us and become part of who we are.

Don’t Waste Your Unemployment

God’s Word has plenty to teach us about life and work and what to do when we’re struggling to discover what’s next.

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man reading book

Back to School Isn’t Just for Students

What would it look like if we invested a few hours a week into going to school? Think how much more we could learn.

The Body God Gave Me

Undoing years of media’s and culture’s indoctrination of what bodies should look like will require more than just a context-less phrase.

FPV of person holding Bible in front of them in busy city at night

Overcoming Lust

Lust happens when we notice the sexual attractiveness of another person’s body and then choose to fixate on it. It’s that second thought that is lustful.

Getting Over Wedding Season Blues

While some feelings of envy or sadness may be inevitable, wedding season still offers many opportunities for fun and joy.

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Mastering the Summer Staycation

It’s time to bring back the staycation.