Avoiding Christmas Comparisons

With an overabundance of memories, movies and reminders of others’ wedded bliss, a single adult’s holiday season can sting. But there are ways to reclaim the “merry” by focusing on what’s truly important.

The Gift of Restlessness

We’re longing for something new, something different. Is there a reason for our restlessness?

Ready, Set, Wait — Are You ‘Money Ready’?

Make sure your finances are ready for big life stages — dating, marriage, and buying a home.

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Lauren Daigle (and All Christians) Should Tell the Truth About Homosexuality

To truly love others like Lauren said she loves those who identify as homosexual, you have to tell the truth. Because there can be no repentance without clarity. There is no understanding of grace without the realization of sin.

Couple outside holding gifts

Actually Attainable and Useful Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

A crowd-sourced collection of fun and affordable gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. You’re welcome.

Woman holding change

How to Survive #GivingTuesday When You’re Broke

#GivingTuesday shouldn’t just be a donation so you can write it off on your taxes, check off the imaginary philanthropy box, and pat yourself on the back.

woman taking selfie

Phony Is Spelled P-H-O-N-E

Our lives aren’t perfect, but no one’s the wiser on social media. Is this healthy for us or the people who follow us, though?

barista swiping credit card on tablet payment

Do I Really Have to Tip $2 for a $3 Coffee?

When paying with a credit card through a tablet, those preset tipping amounts stare at me almost as awkwardly as the barista behind the counter.