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Is It OK to Masturbate?

Most people I counsel want to know if masturbation is a sin. But is there a bigger, deeper question to answer?

Promptness Is Worth Practicing

Most of us are OK with being late, especially when we can send an “on my way” text. You aren’t late when you tell them you’re coming, right?

Seven Myths Single Women Believe

As single women cultivate godly attitudes and avoid damaging lies, they allow the Lord to pour out the things He has for them.

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woman sitting on a park bench thinking about how broke she is and trusting the Lord to provide

Broke, but Trusting God Will Provide

I thought I had it all together — until I signed a check for my security deposit and first month’s rent. I realized I was broke.

woman holding a US dollar bill, experiencing financial hardship

3 Scriptures for Financial Hardship

Financial hardship can bring a lot of worry. Let’s see what the Scriptures have to say about finances and anxiety.

two guys looking out over water at sunset. What to say to a friend when they admit they are same-sex attracted

What to Say When a Friend Admits Same-Sex Attraction

Here are a few suggestions of how to respond when a same-sex attracted friend or family member chooses to share their struggle.

a group of friends playing frisbee on the beach

The Benefits of Play

Reclaiming the art of play might be an antidote to a life bogged down by busy schedules and adult-sized problems.

a man sitting at his computer with his hands on his temples. Several hands holding other devices/notes out to him. It's a heavy world

Managing People and Information in a Heavy World

Our bodies and our brains have limits. You were never designed to carry the weight of the world.

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April 18, 2024

Every Job Matters: Episode 846

55:23 – Your willingness to change, plus Jordan Raynor on why your job’s important, and when a ministry leader is dating a non-Christian.