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While channel-surfing last night, I flipped by the Primetime Emmys. I didn’t stay there long. These things have always had parts I find hard to watch. (Their lame attempts at humorous skits and dialogue are particularly embarrassing.) But I used to keep it on in the background waiting to see if any shows or performers I liked won. I don’t any more.

That’s because, though I watch a fair number of shows, almost none are nominated, and haven’t been since Friday Night Lights and Lost went off the air. Nominees increasingly are cable shows that critics praise with words like “edgy,” which in my experience tends to mean things like “dark,” “twisted” or “kinky.” Many are on channels I don’t receive and feel no incentive to pay for. In fact, of the current shows that often get major nominations, the only two I watch are ones I’ve almost quit watching over revolting content. I think I will quit one this season, and I’ve got the other on probation, depending on whether certain material recurs. (Nope, I’m not going to say which shows those are.)

To be clear, I’m not saying that none of the nominees have any merits. That goes especially for some talented performers, who I often wish had different material to work with. Likewise, I’m not saying there are no quality shows among the nominees on those channels I don’t pay for. I’m making a general point about the things critics value, which are decidedly different from the things I value.

Your tastes probably aren’t the same as mine, which include some current shows but lean toward oldies on ME TV. On the other hand, your tastes probably aren’t the same as the critics’ either.

So for fun, and as a getting-to-know-you exercise, what shows and performers would you pick if you were doing your own Emmys? Not which ones you enjoy the most, but which ones you think are the best quality: They’re not necessarily the same. (My favorite current shows are NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, but I wouldn’t give them Emmys. I’d vote for them in the People’s Choice Awards.)

The floor is open to your nominations!

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