Engagement Stories: Meghan & Ben

Ben and I met at a Christian camp in 2006. A group of us were playing a game together when Ben walked up and one of us said, “Hey, want to join in?” He replied, “I don’t really play games.”

My initial impression of him wasn’t a good one, and any interest level of getting to know him was now gone. Yet, the Lord always has a way of changing one’s mind.

As the week went by Ben began to talk to me, but I was hesitant to talk to him. Ben finally got me to talk, and as we did, my idea of who he was changed. Each day, Ben and I played soccer together and figured out how much we had in common. We were both homeschooled, 16 years old and wanted the Lord to be first in our lives. The more time we spent together, the more I knew that he could be the answer to my prayers. One thing which resonated with me was when Ben got up during one of our services at camp and said, “I want to serve God with my life, and I won’t let anything get in the way of that.”  

After camp, Ben came to visit me every couple of weeks for awhile, but his living in New Jersey and my living in New York and our senior year of high school getting so busy kept us from seeing each other. The following August we saw each other at camp and realized that the time apart only solidified the feelings we had.

In 2008 Ben and I started dating, and during this period I found out how kind, sweet and smart Ben was; he was much more than I had prayed for. Around 2010 we began talking about life together and how exciting it would be. We both felt God was moving us to a place where we felt we belonged.

On Jan. 14, 2011, I was on my way to my house when Ben called and asked, “Where are you?” I told him that I would be home soon, but when I got home, Ben wasn’t there. I was going to call him when I noticed a pink heart on the door. The front was a letter; the back was clue No. 1.

Clue No. 1 led to clue No. 2 and so on until clue No. 10. Clue No. 10 read, “Last week my car thought it was the little engine that could, but it couldn’t. Where did this leave me?” The week before there was a snowstorm, and Ben’s car couldn’t get up the hill so he parked in a lot at the bottom of the hill. I got in my car and began driving down the hill. When I got down there I saw Ben, got out of my car and told Ben how much fun I had. He said he was glad it was.

As I was getting back in my car to go home, Ben said, “Hey, I got this fixed.” Ben handed me a long box which I thought contained a bracelet he had given me for Christmas (the bracelet needed to be shortened in order to fit me properly). When I opened the box, inside one of the loopholes was a beautiful, sparkly diamond ring.

Ben got down on one knee, and though he did say more, all I remember hearing was, “Meghan, will you marry me?” To this I shouted, “Are you kidding? You have got to be kidding me!” Eventually, I calmed down enough to say, “Yes.” I feel so blessed to be marrying Ben.

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